What Does A Postpartum Doula Do?

You learned about who and what postpartum doulas ARE here, but maybe you’re still not clear on what it is exactly they DO. In general, care is usually tailored to an individual client’s needs. Did they have a surgical or vaginal birth? Do they have additional helpers? How about other children? Are they on a deadline for returning to work? Every postpartum doula is different, of course — with different interests, dispositions, knowledge, customs. But the main focus of all postpartum doulas is nurturing the mother so she can adjust, bond with her baby, and enjoy an improved condition.

I’m personally a strong believer in planned recoveries versus random recoveries. Just as we would follow a care plan after a dental procedure or sprained ankle, we should follow a recovery protocol after birth to re-balance nine months’ worth of physical, emotional, and hormonal transformations.

I offer several postpartum service options depending on your needs, but all are founded upon a Postpartum Care Plan that we create together. This may include personal care, family care, infant feeding help, emotional and physical support, help with chores, and education.

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Personal Care

  • “Mothering the mother” — self-care facilitating (run a bath, foot massage, apply warming aids, fill a peri bottle, prepare sitz herbs, set up essential oil diffuser, etc)

Family Care

  • Basic baby care (changing, holding, soothing, dressing, playing, bathing, etc.) while you attend to personal needs
  • Newborn cord care tips
  • Minding of older children (getting dressed, feeding, helping with homework, putting to bed, etc.)
  • Occupy baby during doctor’s visits
  • Helping with introduction of pets to baby
  • Acting as human ‘baby monitor’ so parents can enjoy in-home date night

Infant Feeding Help

  • Breastfeeding troubleshooting
  • Pumping guidance
  • Set up pump, milk storage, bottles
  • Have nipple cream, breast pads, and other goodies handy
  • Nursing bra fitting assistance
  • Positioning help
  • Bringing baby to you when it’s time to nurse
  • General reminders — you can blame ‘breastfeeding brain’!
  • Bottle feeding techniques
  • How to choose the right bottle
  • Supplementing logistics to protect milk supply
  • Resources on milk donors/donation

Emotional Support

  • Birth story listening & debriefing
  • A shoulder to cry on and/or a cheerleader for your triumphs
  • Discussion of risk factors and/or any concerning symptoms of postpartum mood disorders
  • Birth Story Writing (optional add-on for birth doula clients)
  • Gently suggest to friends/family who have overstayed their welcome to depart
  • General reminders amid ‘postpartum fog’
  • Guided Postpartum Art Therapy (coming soon)

Physical Support

  • Healthy plant-based nourishment for you in the form of a prepared meal
  • Snacks & drinks brought to you while you rest
  • Optimal nutrition suggestions
  • Natural remedy suggestions for common ailments
  • Reminders to stay hydrated
  • Assistance with getting into bath or toilet area
  • Optional add-ons: Bengkung Belly Binding | Yoni Sauna / V-steam | Abdominal Therapy… and more healing treatments; please see packages below.

Household Chores

  • Nearby errand running
  • Light cleaning & maintenance housework (dishes, folding laundry, changing bedding, taking out trash, etc.)
  • Feeding & walking pets
  • Organizing clutter zones


  • Education on basic baby care, baby feeding, techniques for soothing, safe sleep guidelines, navigating pediatric appointments, & more
  • Knowing what’s normal & what could use an expert opinion
  • Babywearing assistance
  • Access to my lending library of relevant books
  • Local references & resources

I do not provide:

  • Medical advice or diagnoses
  • Postnatal clinical exams
  • Surgical wound assessments
  • Maid services (heavy housework)
  • Chauffeuring
  • Babysitting (client must remain in the home)

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Reach out and let me know what type of postpartum care suits you best!

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