Yoni Steaming

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You may have already heard of Yoni Steaming. Bertangas by Malaysian tradition, it’s also referred to as v-steaming, vaginal steaming, feminine steaming, v-sauna, yoni sauna, and peri-steam in modern Western culture.

This treatment is incorporated into ancient ritual for those who have long turned to herbal medicine for restoration of yoni health.

Benefits of the medicinal steam extend through all phases of life, and can naturally treat a host of ailments that are otherwise routinely addressed with unnecessarily aggressive, invasive, or harmful means.

Specialized combinations of herbs can enhance the steam’s healing and detoxifying effects for imbalances related to menstruation, chronic issues (like yeast infections, UTIs, hemorrhoids), fertility, menopause, and pelvic congestion caused by trauma or stagnant energy.

In regard to postpartum specifically, Yoni Steaming promotes toning, healing, cleansing, and shrinking of tissues — for a quicker, healthier, more luscious postpartum!

Yoni Steaming Package – $95

  • Free 10-minute phone consult to discuss your needs
  • Customized organic herbal blend (5 sessions’ worth)
  • Beautiful steaming gown — one size fits most
  • Info packet with instructions & yoni health tips
  • Chair available for rental (optional)
  • Kit will be hand-delivered unless specified otherwise