Do you want an informed, instinctive birth experience? Are you ready to meet yourself on the other side of the threshold?

For those who want the most from their sacred journey through birth + beyond

Childbirth is your first major experience as a family. It can be a fantastic enrichment rather than an affliction; it is a blossoming of creative energy, a submerging into a depth of power you’ve never known, and then resurfacing with even greater strength.

I believe you already hold immense resources of birth wisdom within — a knowing that this journey is meant for you right now, in just this way, lighting your intuition like a fiery torch in the dark.

Are you prepared to dig deep, to consider your desires for this unique birth story, to do what you can to bring your vision to life? Do you want to learn about self-nurturing, grow confidence, and birth in awareness?

You’ll remember this day for the rest of your days, and this adventure will color the transformation awaiting you in years to come. With a quality childbirth education, a solid support system, an attentive care provider, and a nourished postpartum life, I believe the modern parent can experience far more highs than lows.

However your story looks, I acknowledge it is your own, and I am here for you with compassion, respect, and love.

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Doula Support

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Full-spectrum holistic doula care tailored to your needs

She was the best that could have ever happened to us during pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum. She is very professional, extremely knowledgeable, and has a very warm and relaxing personality.


Holly […] impacted us greatly as we prepare to meet our little one. She is extremely patient and explained things very well. We are so grateful for her and the impact she has made on our journey.


I can’t believe how one person brought that great variety of expertise and knowledge to my birth.


Holly encapsulated my placenta and I was very impressed with her professionalism, communication, and knowledge throughout the experience.


Holly is an amazing instructor!! [I]t was worth every single penny because this class really educates you on how to advocate for yourself and prepare for birth naturally.


I was very anxious about giving birth, and Holly was able to help my husband and me prepare for all possible outcomes. […] If I were to do it again, she would be my first call.


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