BBC Comprehensive Series

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Current Group Class Schedule:

Comprehensive Series January – March 2022 Katy, TX
Homecoming: Life With A New Recruit April 2022 Katy, TX

This is the most popular class!

If you desire an unmedicated birth, are first-time parents, are planning for a VBAC, or simply want to know all your options, this class will prepare you on all levels – physically, mentally, and emotionally.


  • $400 group / $500 private – details listed in the FAQ
  • 2.5 hours per class
  • 10 weeks
  • Class FAQ


  • 10 once-weekly group live classes
  • Full-color 170+ page student workbook
  • Access to “Breastfeeding: The Ultimate MRE” online curriculum taught by Mellanie Sheppard, IBCLC
  • Group discussion, interaction, & community
  • Relaxation training
  • Nutrition & fitness education
  • Access to my lending library of books
  • New parent goodie bag
  • Opportunity to make up two missed classes online
  • Weekly email with additional resources
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Class 1

Why Natural Childbirth

You will learn why natural birth is best for baby, best for mom, and even best for dad. You will discover how the history of childbirth in America has set us on this course of medicated and surgical birth. Take part in an in-depth discussion on how drugs interfere with the natural process. You will walk away from the first class with a clear vision of your mission and its importance.

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Class 2

P.T. & Chow: Physical Training and Nutrition For Your Birth

Preparing your body both inside and out for the challenge of labor is exciting. Learn from a personal trainer how to properly tone the muscles you will need to birth your baby. Proper nutrition will help ensure a healthy baby and pregnancy. Following the nutritional program Birth Boot Camp teaches will give you a solid foundation in remaining healthy, strong, and low-risk. Finally, part of your Physical Training is the preparation of the mind, body, and spirit through relaxation practice in each class. Partners will learn helpful hints about the process of practicing relaxation at home. Taking P.T. & Chow seriously will pay off in a more comfortable pregnancy and in the amazing birth of your baby.

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Class 3

PART 1 – Setting Up Camp: Choosing Where To Birth

What should a couple look for when choosing a birth place? Whether you are planning to birth at home, birth center, or hospital, this class will empower you to know what questions to ask your care provider. Hear first- hand some of the differences in various birth places.

PART 2 – Chain of Command: Who is in Charge of Your Birth?

With so much birth lingo, it’s easy to get confused! Learn the difference between a doula and different types of midwives. How much influence does your insurance have in your birth? The people you choose to have present will affect your birth. These decisions might be the most important ones you make in achieving your natural birth. The Chain of Command begins with you.

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Class 4

Countdown to D-Day: Final Preparations Before Giving Birth

The last few weeks of pregnancy can be overwhelming physically and emotionally. Know and understand various testing and procedures often done in the final weeks of pregnancy.  Understanding your options, you will be able to face the last few weeks of pregnancy with confidence and excitement.

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Class 5

Deployment: Baby on the Move

Baby has decided to move out! Knowing what to expect takes the fear out of labor for moms and their partners! Learn about the different phases of labor and what you can most likely expect to physically take place.

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Class 6

Supporting Arms: Mom’s Most Important Ally

The primary birth partner is Mom’s most important ally. By Week 6, Birth Boot Camp has given you both a good foundation. You have been working together week by week. In Supporting Arms, they will learn very practical ways to help Mom during labor. This is the partner’s most important class! Moms will also learn some very effective and unique techniques in coping with the challenges of labor. Anyone invited to your birth (mom, sister, best friend) is encouraged to sit in on this class as well.

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Class 7

Cadence: The Sights and Sounds of Natural Childbirth

The moment you’ve been waiting for — the birth of your baby! Cadence: the Sights and Sounds of Natural Birth will tie together the birth videos viewed throughout the class series as well as the material learned, giving you a clear picture of birth. Water birth and optimal positioning for mom and baby will be covered. Replace fear with joy and anticipation of meeting your baby for the very first time.

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Class 8

The Fog of War: Keeping a Clear Head in Labor

At Birth Boot Camp, we don’t believe that birth is like war! You will be prepared for unexpected circumstances that may come up during labor or birth by covering an extensive chart on variations of labor. The Fog of War is about all the things you can do to avoid a cesarean section and when cesarean sections are actually necessary. Thorough Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) information is also covered in The Fog of War.

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Class 9

PART 1 – The Plan of Action: Establishing Your Priorities and Making a Plan

You will learn to write a birth plan that is easy to read and won’t be tossed aside. No matter where you are birthing, deciding what you want, knowing your options, and learning to communicate with your partner and your birth team is paramount.

PART 2 – Mission Accomplished! The Immediate Postpartum Period

You are making choices for your baby from his first breath. Learn about placenta delivery, cord clamping, skin to skin contact, initiating breastfeeding, and common procedures immediately following birth for you and your baby. The first moments after birth are so precious!

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Class 10

Life With a New Recruit

Your new recruit comes with special needs. This class is your manual! Enjoy those early days and weeks by learning techniques that will enhance bonding and make the transition to parenthood easier and more enjoyable.

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