Below you’ll find my recommended items for various stages of your journey into parenthood (all found on Amazon to make things super easy!). Remember, these are simply suggestions — your wish list should ultimately reflect your own unique needs and lifestyle. The lists below are comprised of items I personally like or believe are useful, ones my clients love, highly-rated and worthwhile investments, basic necessities and well-earned niceties alike.

Other Favorite Items / Sellers:

Gift Certificates

Perfect for a baby shower, maternity gift, or just to help out an expecting family where you can!

Send me a message at to request a Gift Certificate. Include the purchaser’s name, recipient’s name, gift purchase amount, preferred method of payment, and (optional) service preference. I will confirm your order with receipt and mail a custom certificate to your address of choice. Gift Certificates that have not been redeemed do not expire, and they are transferable should the original recipient not use them.


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