Virtual FAQ

What is virtual doula support?

This is modern birth support for 21st century families. Think of it like a “doula on demand” or “distance doula.” I support you remotely via text, call, email and video chat throughout pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. Satellite doula, here for you with the push of a button!

Virtual doula support is provided via call, text, email & video chat.

Do I need to be local to work with you?

No, we can interact from anywhere in the world — pretty amazing, right? If our time zones differ I will take this into consideration when scheduling communication and adjust to ensure timing is convenient for you.

Who should consider virtual doula services?

Virtual support may be for you if:

  • Your birth place restricts the number of support people allowed
  • You can’t find a local doula who’s a good match
  • You lack access to quality doula care in your area
  • You have a communicable illness & prefer to limit transmission risk
  • You desire a birth space with as few attendees as possible
  • You want to work with me but I’m out of town on your estimated due date
  • You like clear, direct information at the touch of a button
  • You get more out of reading & visual aids than hands-on help
  • You want your doula to focus on guidance, information, verbal support — for you, hands-on care is less important
  • You’ve given birth before and think you’re covered as far as in-person help, but would feel better knowing a doula is just a call away
  • A traditional experience is not your thing for another reason, and you need an alternative

What can you assist me with in a virtual format?

Distance services are fully customizable. I can serve as your reference on matters such as:

  • early pregnancy tips
  • prenatal exercise & nutrition
  • choosing a provider & birth place
  • holistic remedies making a birth plan
  • manifesting your birth vision
  • understanding birth choices
  • optimal fetal positioning
  • stages of labor
  • mechanics of birth
  • emotions of birth
  • variations of birth / special circumstances
  • induction options
  • pain management options
  • labor comfort measures
  • positions for labor & pushing
  • communicating with laboring person
  • birth partner coaching
  • postpartum health & planning
  • infant feeding (bottle, breastfeeding, etc)
  • infant sleep
  • newborn care
  • cloth diapering
  • babywearing
  • connecting you with your local resources
  • birth story processing
  • …and more!

What do you NOT do as a virtual doula?

Under a virtual service agreement, I do not at any time:

  • visit you in your home or elsewhere
  • attend your birth onsite
  • provide medical advice or diagnoses
  • speak to birth staff on your behalf
  • make decisions for you
  • predict or guarantee any aspects of your birth
  • assist for planned freebirth (birth unattended by midwife or OB)

What if I request the virtual package, but change my mind to want in-person support?

If you’re within my service range, I may be able to support you onsite at your birth with an updated contract and an additional fee — however, this change is NOT guaranteed to be possible. If you have concerns, I’m happy to discuss options at your initial consult.

If you had selected an in-person package and wish to change to virtual support, I’m happy to switch over the service format; please note the originally agreed-upon fees will remain the same.

What else should I know about doula support?

See my page “Why Hire A Doula?

What happens at prenatal & postpartum meetings?

Read my post describing what’s covered (adapted to a virtual setting).

What services are included?

I offer a virtual package and A La Carte add-on options.

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