About Your Labor Neighbor, LLC’s Logo


“In all of its varied and protean forms, love is the tether binding our whirling lives. Without that biological anchor, all of us are flung outward, singly into the encroaching dark.” – Thomas Lewis

The nautical theme hints at the watery environment of the baby’s home and the waves of contractions that will bring baby ‘to shore.’ Pregnancy is much like a homeward voyage in this way.

The baby is tethered by the umbilical cord rope to the placenta, represented by the anchor and its associations: a force of stability, reliability, confidence and connection. The anchor’s arrow leads baby in the direction of exit. This symbol of trust and grounding also reminds us to remain patient and resilient in the final days before birth. You are exactly where you’re supposed to be, and so is your baby.

(In another interpretation the anchor’s appearance is also reminiscent of an outline of the uterus with fallopian tubes and ovaries at the top and uterine bowl at the bottom).

We can think of the ship wheel as the uterus, steering the progress of labor. At the helm are creationary forces unknown (or the mother’s own truth). Thinking of the mother as the invisible vessel (an as-yet unseen being from the baby’s perspective), the wheel turns to steer her through wave after wave, helping to safely guide her baby to shore. In realistic proportions, the full-term baby would fill up the womb wheel, but I like how the wheel is depicted almost as larger than life and thus formidable in its encompassing power.

The setting includes a deep blue twilight sky, evoking a feeling of intense mystery while also maintaining a blurry softness and sense of security in the cloak of night. The celestial setting likens floating in space to peacefully floating in the dark womb.

The scene is illuminated by the full moon (ruling the feminine cycles and pregnancy; in its natural phase for influencing birth) and stars (from wherein the new spirit has come), some in the formation of Cancer which is the archetype of maternity, fertility, the mother role, and family.

The roses in full bloom speak of readiness for birth, lush vitality, and evolving tissues into effacement and dilation. Red roses are commonly associated with romance, sensuality, passion and intimacy (what puts baby in brings baby out). They are also strong symbols for sacrifice and memorial. They were known in ancient Greek mythology to represent immortal love (the kind of love a mother bears for her baby) and were once used to denote places wherein secrets were shared, showing respect for the sacredness of the private space. In Tarot, roses point to balance and promise of new beginnings.

Speaking of newness, front and center we have the baby. I opted for a color that would contrast with the anchor and match the scroll portion of the logo (below). I feel this hue supports the idea of baby in an unborn era of being, still thoroughly covered in milky vernix.

Notice also the position of baby in a very favorable position for birth; the influence of visual suggestion can’t be understated!


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