Why Hire A Doula?

“If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.” John Kennel Doula (pronounced doo-lah) is a Greek word meaning “women’s servant.” A labor or birth doula is a formally or informally trained support individual who provides a range of support to those who are pregnant, birthing, and postpartum and focusesContinue reading “Why Hire A Doula?”

Before Baby’s First Bath, Learn About These 9 Things

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1). Vernix Babies are born with a natural skin-protecting substance called vernix. This should not be wiped away from the skin; rather, it can be rubbed into the skin for maximum absorption. This covering, which was laid down in the third trimester of pregnancy, has many important…

If I Could Give Only 5 Pieces of Breastfeeding Advice To a New Mom

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If you could give only five pieces of breastfeeding advice to a new mother, what would you say? Here’s what I’d tell her. 1). Relax. Breastfeeding is hard. Bottle feeding is hard. Pumping is hard. Doing it at home by yourself or in public with others watching…