9 Things That Improve in Pregnancy

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Everyone’s experience of pregnancy is different, but very often these 9 things get better  when carrying a baby. Which of these did you enjoy?

Eating of All The Things

While you might deal with aversions in early pregnancy (and beyond), it’s been shown that food can taste better than usual later in pregnancy as senses become heightened (and cravings get real, real fast!). Because of your extra-sensitive taste-buds, food may never taste quite as good ever again!



Unless you have the misfortune of being surrounded by impolite people, you’ll find yourself the recipient of many an emptied seat on public transport vehicles. Though you’re not disabled or ill just because you’re pregnant, it’s still considered common decency to give up your seat for a pregnant person — building a baby is tiring! Also, you get to take advantage of Expectant Parent parking spots.



Since your hair grows faster in pregnancy and falls out at a much slower rate, you’ll enjoy a full head of tresses for many months. Now’s a good time to book that gig appearing in a mane-tossing shampoo commercial…


Fashion Rules

Let’s face it, you can pretty much pull off anything now (you always could, of course, but now you might finally believe it!). Body-hugging dress? Yes! Leggings and old t-shirt? Still got it. Fashion rules need not apply in pregnancy. 9 months of baby-growing will result in a closet of new threads regardless.


Sex Life

Thanks to surges in sexy hormones and increased erogenous zone sensitivity, many who are pregnant find their libido shooting through the roof. Couple that with your gorgeously changing body, stronger pheremones, and the motivation to try new positions to accomodate your belly… your partner is likely to feel the same.



Speaking of your sex life… did you know your flexibility gets way better in pregnancy, thanks to the hormone relaxin? Obviously this skill helps in other areas of life too — like squeezing into pants you don’t want to retire just yet, hip circling on a birth ball, and accomplishing a deeper stretch in prenatal yoga class.

But you’ll have to be more careful than usual. When exercising, ensure your joints are protected as they won’t be as sturdy as you’re used to. A qualified prenatal masseuse should especially avoid manipulating your ankles and wrists during a massage session.



Your coupon magnetism is strong these days! While you might get annoyed by the sudden influx of businesses targeting your newly-acquired niche, and thusly packing your mailbox and email with all kinds of ‘new parent’-related coupons, samples, and various solicitations, chances are you’ll be able to use at least some of this stuff!

(If you plan to breastfeed, you can give away the formula samples and request they stop sending more to your home).



The parenthood insomnia begins in pregnancy…. Babies are often increasingly active (and growing heavier) as pregnancy progresses, which prevents you from falling into a deep sleep (not to mention the extra pressure on your bladder and subsequent bathroom trips). Lighter sleep means you’ll remember your dreams more easily — and they may be crazy vivid, even lucid dreams!




Surges in oxytocin (the love hormone), intensified nurturing feels, and having the opportunity to share this journey with loved ones means prime time for reaching new heights in your relationships. You may also meet new companions who are forging the same exciting path as you, meaning plenty of growth in the friendship department if you know where to look.


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