When To Call Your Doula in Labor

This is such a common question I felt it important to at least briefly address. When should you call your doula in labor? When is too early… or too late? What’s the “sweet spot”? Why does timing matter? I’ll cover all this and more below! Do keep in mind that every doula has her ownContinue reading “When To Call Your Doula in Labor”

What’s In My Doula Bag?

First, I would like to preface by saying I firmly believe in a birthing person’s ability to bring a baby into the world without a whole lot of (or any) “stuff.” I never use all the contents of my bag, I often rely on one or two things, and I sometimes even forgo all ofContinue reading “What’s In My Doula Bag?”

Ideas For Celebrating World Doula Week

What’s This Week All About? World Doula Week kicked off in Israel as the first Doula Day on March 22, 2011. This is the date of the spring equinox, symbolizing the return of fertility. “The purpose of World Doula Week (WDW)Β is to empower doulas all over the world to improve the physiological, social, emotional, andContinue reading “Ideas For Celebrating World Doula Week”